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Dec 11

Pastor Jonathan Fisk

Oct 29

Do We Have to Go to Church?

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Nov 29

Morning Devotion: Serve The Broken World!


Let us so serve this poor broken world, by the power of God’s Spirit, until every knee shall bow and every tongue proclaims: “Jesus is Lord.”


-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

Oct 18

I choose to attend a liturgical church because at core I am not a very good Christian.  I am undisciplined and I’ve found the structure, reverence, and focus of a liturgical protestant church allows me to best grow and learn. 

Though the service at such a church is often unique in its beauty with the canters and kyries and organ music, I want more than mere religion.  I want to serve God.  I want my life to better reflect Christian values.  I want to give shape and color to my beliefs by living.

Oct 4

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95 Theses

Katharina von Bora with a nose piercing?

Aug 25