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May 16

Love Wins

There has been a great deal of controversy following the publication of Rob Bell’s book Love Wins.  From my take, Bell is not actually claiming there is no hell, only that one does not need to believe in hell to be a Christian and make it into heaven.

The best chapter of the book, in my humble opinion, is toward the end and entitled “The Good News is Better than That”.

"Inquisitions, persecutions, trials, book burnings, blacklisting – when religious people become violent, it is because they have been shaped by their God, who is violent.  We see this destructive shaping alive and well in the toxic, venomous nature of certain discussions and debates on the Internet.  For some, the highest form of allegiance to their God is to attack, defame, and slander others who don’t articulate matters of faith as they do.” - Love Wins, Bell, p.183

I can see why Bell’s message is an affront to those very people who have willfully misunderstood his book and vocally defamed it.  It should probably not surprise me (though it does) that love is such a divisive message.